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Our Mission:

(1) Organize world championship in different countries each year using more technology for higher standards

(2) To create best Judges & Referees to succeed our yearly world championship with no politics involved

(3) To create a Black Belt DAN professional syllabus and issue value certificate with records (worldwide) or Dan recognition certificates

 (4) Encourage our members’ students to achieve a world record and issue certificates with members’ country leaders’ signature.

(5) With Target 4, WUMF aims to perform Taykuku shodan kata with over 6500 students to achieve Guinness world record possibly in England, Sri Lanka  or India  in future

Advantages to affiliated Clubs

(1) Creates an opportunity to participate in our annual world championship with your own club / association logo

(2) Please feel free to join and leave as you wish.
We do not force any individual.
From 2023 onwards, we hope to charge a £79 yearly membership to run the federation 
(Yearly accounts will be published to the affiliated clubs/federation)

(3) Currently available in England , our affiliated clubs/federation can get karate equipments (mats, computers, etc.) for their own competitions for almost half the price from WUMF. In future, other country’s affiliated Clubs/ Association can also get these facilities # We will provide over 50 Professional Referees and help you to run your competition (This is currently in England)

(4) Your own competition will be published in our media platforms free of charge:
Website, Facebook , Twitter , Instagram, YouTube


(5) Firstly, we will conduct a karate DAN Grading and issue a valid certificate every year or Dan accreditation
(We accept country chief instructor authority)
your names as well as your qualification will remain published in our website forever

(6) We choose leadership clubs/Federations:
-Who bring in more members to our WUMF (they receive a very large trophy  as an award at every world championship)

-Who bring in more competitors to succeed – they receive a special unforgettable gift  possibly a large Trophy in our yearly competition.

-Who bring in over 50 competitors or allow participation of over 75 categories – they will receive a 30% Discount in their participation fees.